Meena Alcozai

Kabul, A Story Retold 

Kabul, like many other war-thorn cities, exists in two timelines: before and after war. In the case of Kabul, it is before and after 1978, which marks the start of the Soviet Invasion.

Over the last 50 years, the result of this war has been devasting for the City, creating an intangible loss in the connection with its people, a loss of physical space caused by abandonment or violence and finally a loss of past archives, images and documentations - causing an gradual erasure of the City’s past.

Kabul, A City Retold is a historical and personal documentation, which aims to explore the intangible City through the memories of its migrants. Using an architectural lens, this collection focuses on 30 micro-stories from a network of Afghan refugees. Their stories highlight the complexities of their relationship with the City; detailing domestic experiences, day-to-day subjective life and interactions. Through the act of architectural interpretation, a methodology in the reconstruction of war-torn cities is formed. This is not a catalogue but rather an appreciation and understanding of the connections, overlaps and reciprocities between these stories.

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